If fishing is your sport, then Uganda has an amazing range of sites to test your skill. From the vast sweep of Lake Victoria to the legendary River Nile and Lakes Albert, George and Edward on the Congolese border, there’s a wide range of waters waiting to challenge you.

There are more than 350 species of fish in Uganda’s lakes and rivers. Among the most common are Nile Perch, Tilapia and Tiger Fish. The biggest perch reeled in with a rod and line from the Nile at Murchison Falls National Park weighed 73kg but local fishermen have netted specimens over 100kg.

Wherever you want to fish, the Kabubbu Resort Centre can help organise your trip. We can take you to your chosen location and organise meals, accommodation, park permits and guides to ensure you get the most from your visit. We can also organise equipment for you. And you can combine trips with our other tours to make your own unique adventure.

Tackling the Nile

Pitting yourself against one of the world’s greatest rivers can be exhilarating. Sport fishing on the Nile at the base of Murchison Falls is an incredible experience. The best times to go are the drier seasons of January to March or July to October. You can fish from riverbank or boat. Murchison is around five hours from Kabubbu. We recommend you stay at least one night at a lodge in or near the national park to get the most from your trip.

Challenge yourself on Lake Victoria

Its name conjures images of exploration and adventure from another time. But there are still many challenges for the sporting fisherman on what is the biggest expanse of water in Africa.

The lake is around 90 minutes from Kabubbu. We can organise day-trips (8 hours fishing) or half-day trips (4 hours). The best season is October to March, although fish are caught all year round. We organise trips for large and small parties. You will fish off islands around 45 minutes across the lake from Entebbe. Overnight trips can also be organised. You will stay at a camp on Ngamba Island.