Whether you are traveling to Uganda and need a comfortable base from which to explore other parts of the country or whether you live or work in Kampala or other major towns and want a short break in the country, the Kabubbu Resort Centre is the ideal place to be.

The Kabubbu Resort Centre is located just 20km north of Kampala in the village of Kabubbu. It is part of a rural regeneration project. The Rt Hon Edward Ssekandi (Vice-President of Uganda) said Kabubbu is: ‘The finest example of rural development I have ever seen or heard of in Uganda’  when he visited. Come and find out why – and enjoy comfortable accommodation in what some have called ‘the Garden of Eden’.

If you are visiting Uganda from overseas we can organise collection from Entebbe International Airport. You will enjoy full-board accommodation with excellent food served in our open-air restaurant. Accommodation is in thatched chalets (bandas) with louvered windows, warm showers and flush toilets.

If you have a busy, stress-filled life in Kampala then come for a relaxing weekend. And don’t forget the children because we have a large playground which will keep them occupied for hours while you relax with a cool drink!

As a tourist – or as an Ex-pat living in Uganda - you may want to find out about life in a rural environment. We have something we call a ‘Development Challenge’ you can take part in – ideally in groups of up to six - see Suggested Timetable below. You will come to fully understand how people live in a rural environment and the challenges they face – and you can help do something for them. This four-part exercise will cost an additional £100 (US$ 125* or Euro 120*). Is it worth doing? Three comments from hundreds:

  • “Doing Development Challenge made me realise that problems can be solved and that families like these are not ‘doomed’ … we have made a big difference to this one family and so we realise that each can do our bit to help
  • “The Development Challenge showed me how such a small amount of financial help can have a major effect on somebody”
  • “I really enjoyed feeling that I had made a measurable and immediate difference to the family”

The Kabubbu Resort Centre staff can help you create an escorted tour from the resort to other places of interest or safari parks. They have considerable experience doing this since 2006 and will do their best ensure you have a great time.

The Kabubbu Resort Centre – the ideal place for work, rest and play

 * subject to prevailing exchange rate

Sample timetable for guests visiting Kabubbu for 4 days/3 nights

‘This is the finest example of rural development I have ever seen or heard of in Uganda’

Rt Hon Edward Ssekandi – Vice President of the Republic of Uganda


14.00                       onwards - Arrive

16.00 - 18.00      Walking tour of developments

18.45                       Dinner

20.00                    Development Challenge (1)                                                                    Write a  questionnaire                    


07.30                     Breakfast

08.00                    Primary school assembly

08.30                     Development Challenge (2) Visit to a family

09.15                       Development Challenge (3) Brainstorming

10.45                       Coffee

                                  Free time

13.00                       Lunch

14.00                      African dancing, drumming and basket                                    making

17.00 - 17.30        Info-point Video – Why is Education so                                  important in an African rural community?

18.45                       Dinner


06.00                     Early breakfast

06.30                      Bird watching walking tour

10.45                       Coffee

                                  Free time

13.00                       LUNCH

14.00                       Development Challenge (4) Visit to market                                    to buy then deliver items to family          

17.00 – 17.30         Info Point Video – The importance of good                                      Health in an African rural community

18.45                         Dinner


07.30                      Breakfast

08.00                     Primary school assembly with                                   the opportunity to participate on                                                     a 5 minute Christian spiritual theme

09.00 – 09.30     Info Point Video – Tackling the basics                                    of Community, Welfare and Agriculture                                    in an African rural community

10.45                        Coffee

11.00                        Depart