Uganda is a stunning country with scenery, wildlife and hospitality which will delight the visitor. But the Kabubbu Resort Centre also offers guests the opportunity to give something back by signing up to visit on a special volunteer trip. It can be a life-changing experience.


These are run in conjunction with the two NGOs behind the Resort – the UK-based Quicken Trust and the local Kabubbu Development Project. Together these NGOs have transformed a village once devastated by AIDS, malaria and extreme poverty into a thriving place of hope and opportunity.

Every year Quicken and the KDP organise several short trips which give people from around the world a chance to roll up their sleeves and play a part in continuing the transformation. Volunteer visitors stay in special accommodation at the Resort which is about 45 minutes’ drive north of Kampala. To learn more about the volunteer programmes, click here

 What Volunteers Do

More than a thousand people aged between six and 80 have visited Kabubbu since 2000. Some have brought specialist skills such as:

  • Electricians
  • Builders
  • Teachers
  • IT
  • Literacy
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Sanitation 

Others have turned their hands to new tasks including:

  • helping local children learn to read
  • assisting with church-run holiday clubs for youngsters
  • helping teams build houses by mixing cement and moving bricks
  • painting houses
  • collecting the life stories of elderly villagers

Be part of a Team

Businesses, colleges, schools and churches have all sent teams to Kabubbu to work on a range of projects. Hundreds more people have travelled as individuals, couples or families and been allocated to teams once in Uganda. For most, it’s an experience they relish; for some it’s an unexpected opportunity to use a talent or skill many did not know they had.

“I helped build a house; I made lots of friends. I taught literacy to a small group. I contributed lots on the building site and taught my own group at the primary school. I helped sort through some of the things we brought as a group. Visiting the homes had the biggest impact on me, because no matter how much you hear about it, you can’t understand the conditions the people live in until you experience them. It really impacted me emotionally and I cried several times. I felt really changed after the home visits. I’d agree it’s a spiritual experience. Funniest moment: at the African Evening I was trying to dance the way the women were demonstrating but I wasn’t doing it vigorously enough so one of the dancers grabbed my hips and shook me really fast, which was quite funny.” [Ellen Dennis]

Two Holidays in One

The Kabubbu Resort Centre can also help visitors combine a stint of volunteering with a more conventional visit by organising tours and trips to other parts of the country. For those trips we can organise travel, food, accommodation and park permits as well as guides to help you get the most from your stay.

Corporate Team Building

Working on a volunteer project in Kabubbu, you will build more than just houses. Completing projects which are life-changing for villagers, thousands of miles from your usual work environment, will strengthen the bonds between your business colleagues. And help team members discover hidden strengths. Businesses from the UK have already benefited from corporate team building in Kabubbu – and so has the village.

“How to put my week into words … harrowing, full of laughter, uplifting and touching.” (Corporate Team member)